May 21-23, 2021

The Camp Woodie Weekend Camp is an opportunity being offered this Spring to give parents the opportunity to experience a few days of “camp life” with their child. This session is open to father/son, mother/daughter, father/daughter and mother/son attendees ages 7 and up. This opportunity provides campers and parents the ability to stay at camp, in the bunks they will use for their week of camp and become familiar and comfortable with the other facilities. This helps to relieve much of the anxiety for campers (and parents) about spending a week away from home.

Camp Woodie weekend sessions will present the same variety of activities as a regular week-long camp session. Parents and campers will take part in shooting both shotguns and rifles, archery and fishing alongside instructors. This new camp experience will open doors for growth and bonding between the parent and child and serve as a healthy outdoor environment for parents to pass on their skills and knowledge.