How to Register

If you are interested in attending Camp Leopold, please follow the steps below! We can’t wait to have you on-site soon at our Wildlife Education Center.

  1. Determine who will be your schools primary contact. This person will be in charge of scheduling the trip, distributing resources to school staff/students, and overseeing the on-site visit.
  2. Please have your school contact reach out to Joe Gonzalez, the Camp Leopold Director of Sales and Marketing, to see availability and schedule your trip dates.
  3. Once you have confirmed a date with Joe, he will forward your information to our Camp Leopold Director, Abby Zabrodsky. Abby will send you a follow-up email with details on how to complete the online registration process.

Abby Zabrodsky: (803) 305-8927 or campleopold@scwa

Joe Gonzalez: (803) 600-8977 or joe@scwa