Do I need to create a new account every year or can I use the same account as last year?

You can use the same account every year.

When does registration open?

September 1st!

How do I find the Health Form? 

On your account, click the three lines to the left. The health form will be on the document center for you to download. Click here to access the form.

How do I turn in the Health Forms 

There are a few ways to turn in your health history form: 

Mail in : 9833 Old River Rd Pinewood SC 29125

Email: campwoodie@scwa.org 

Upload to your account online

When are my Health Forms due? 

ASAP, however, we need these forms a week before the camper arrives. 

What do I pack?

The packing list can be found on our website under the what to know tab. Please click here

How do I sign my camper up for Hunters/Boaters Education? 

Hunters/Boaters Education sign-up will be in the Boyd Dining Hall during check in.

How do I make a roommate request?

On our account, click your campers reservation. Scroll down to additional information. Click edit information and type in the first and last name of your request.

Arriving to and Departing from Camp

Can we carpool?

Yes, If someone besides the primary contact is picking up your camper, please add them to the authorized pick up list pick up list.

What time is drop-off on Opening Day?


What do I need to do on check in day? 

Once checked in, the Dining hall will have the nurse for medication check-in, mail drop off, as well as hunter and boaters education sign-ups. In the Chase Lodge, we will have the pro shop open and staff to help add money to your canteen and answer questions. 

How do I get mail to my camper? 

If you want to send mail to your camper, you need to have written your letters and bring them to camp check-in. There will be a mail drop-off with a staff member, and we will distribute them during rest hour. 

If my camper does hunters or boaters education do they miss activities? 

Hunter/Boaters education is on Wednesday and Thursday during lunch and rest hour. Campers will receive lunch to go during those two days. Campers will not miss any activities. 

What time is pick up on Closing Day?

10:30 am-11am

Will my camper be packed and ready to go when I arrive?


Will the Camp Store be open on Opening and Closing Day?


At Camp

Will my child have a spending limit while at Camp?

Parents will be able to see how much their camper has spent on snacks and the pro sho. They can add more money if needed online. We recommend putting $20-$50 on their account. 

Medical Care

Are there doctors on-site at each Camp?

We have a registered nurse every week of camp. 

Is Camp able to accommodate special dietary needs?

We try to have kid-friendly meals throughout the week. If you are concerned, please reach out to our camp director. 

What if my camper feels sick while at Camp?

The nurse will be notified if your camper is sick. Parents will then be contacted if the camper is too sick to be at camp.

Will I be notified if my child is sick?


Emotional and Physical Safety

How can I help you to best work with and mentor my child?

Talking with your campers counselors when you first arrive at camp and letting them know a little bit about your camper is the best way to communicate your campers needs.

What happens if a camper doesn’t follow the rules?

We have 4 rules: respect yourself, respect others, respect Camp Woodie, and have fun. If your camper can not follow the rules, they will get a maximum of 1 warning before parents are contacted. 

Do campers ever get sent home from Camp?

Yes, we do not want to have to send campers home, but if they are not following the rules or being safe they can be sent home. 

What are Camp’s social media guidelines?

All parents have the option to sign a photo release form of their camper. We have a photographer who takes photos all summer and posts them to our Facebook page. 


Can I request cabin mates for my camper? 

Yes, you can request cabin mates when registering for camp. If you need to go in and add or change a cabin mate, you will need to go to your account and click on your camper’s reservation. Under additional information, you will have the ability to edit this.

How will I know what cabin my camper is in?

During check-in, staff will give you your camper’s cabin location.

Can I see what Camp looks like before Opening Day?

We have a virtual tour on our website, and we offer multiple spring events for you to join your camper for activities around Camp Woodie. 

Is a laundry service provided at Camp? 

Yes, but only for special cases.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a $100 non refundable deposit to hold your reservation. Cancellations can be made up until the week before camp. 

Can I give my child’s counselor a gift?

Our staff does not take tips for the summer. Instead, we recommend donating to our send a kid to camp scholarship.

What if my child leaves something at Camp?

You can email our camp director and they will search for the item and mail it to you. 

What is the lost and found policy?

There will be a lost and found area in the dining hall during the week and during check out. 


When will I hear from my camper?  How will I know how they are doing?

During the week campers can write and receive letters to their parents. We recommend if you want to send your camper letters to pre-write them and leave them with us.

Are packages allowed? 

We do not allow care packages for the campers, only letters. 

Can I visit my child at Camp during the session?    

We do not allow visitors during camp session unless there is an emergency. 

Can I call my camper?

We do not let campers talk to their parents unless there is an emergency, 

How do I contact Camp?

If you need to contact camp you can call or email our directors

Camp Director:

TJ Morgan



Assistant Camp Director:

Liz Eberhart