Camp Leopold +PLUS

Introducing our In-School Program!

For our Camp Leopold+PLUS program, we will bring Camp Leopold fun and learning to you! Our in-house classes are designed to engage your students with hands-on learning while also providing a fun change of pace.  Many of these classes include a visit from one of our animal ambassadors–either a snake, turtle, or duck–that the students can interact with hands-on!  These visits are proudly provided free of charge thanks to the generous support of our local corporate partners. 

In-House Classes

Their Blood Runs Cold

Reptiles and amphibians are very important to the balance of any ecosystem where they are native. In this class, students are able to learn about the various different types of reptiles and amphibians across South Carolina and the important niches they serve. Students also have the opportunity to handle animal artifacts and meet one of our animal ambassadors!

Wonderful Wetlands

Wetlands are a crucial habitat for many plants, animals, and people, yet they have historically been misunderstood. In this class, students are introduced to the key elements all wetlands share, discover the different types of Wetlands found in South Carolina, and uncover the key reasons why wetlands provide us with so many benefits. Students will also have the chance to meet one of our animal ambassadors!

Creatures of the Woods

Animals, plants, and nonliving things all interact in fascinating ways within their ecosystems. Birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and furry mammals are part of life in South Carolina and we will study how these animals interact with the environment around them. Students will also have the chance to feel a variety of animal pelts and meet one of our animal ambassadors!

Waterfowl Adventure

There’s a good chance you and your students have seen waterfowl (ducks, geese, and swans) around your community, but have you ever wondered what makes this group of birds so unique? In this class, students will work together to discover the mysteries of waterfowl and their unique adaptations for survival. From November-January, students will also have the chance to meet one of our waterfowl ambassadors!

Spineless Wonders

Invertebrates, or creatures without a spine, make up the majority of life on Earth. In this class, students are introduced to the diverse world of spineless creatures and some of the bizarre and wonderful species they may encounter right here in South Carolina! The major focuses of this class are animal classifications and food chains. During warmer weather, students can go outside and use our insect nets and magnifying glasses to catch and identify real insects. During cooler months, we will bring a fun indoor insect experience for students to classify different inverts.

How to Register and Availability

The +PLUS program will resume December-January of this upcoming school year, and registration will reopen on our website this coming November.